Free, Effortless and FUN ways to get more followers!

Yes, your Instagram bio actually plays a big part in getting more followers. If you want people to find your profile interesting and ultimately press that follow-button it’s just as important to have a fun and attention-grabbing bio. Your bio is just like an headline in a magazine. It grabs your attention and makes you interested in what the person has to show.

So if you want to increase the number of followers on your Instagram profile, you should really consider making your bio more fun and intriguing!



First and foremost, your name needs to be just that… your name. If you want people to find you on Instagram you have to use the name people know you by. Whether if it’s your real name, your business or some other brand, you should just use that as your name in your bio. Don’t use funny spellings or odd words in this section. The reason for all this is because the Instagram search engine uses your username and your name when searching for your profile.

If people don’t know your username they might search for your real name instead, and if you use something other than your real name in that field, the person looking for you will never be able to find you!


Make People Laugh (or cry)Laughing

Your bio should be something that reflects your personality. Something that shows people your interesting side (everybody has one!). It could be your favorite joke or funny story, a rhetorical question, a deep thought or why not use something downright insulting (with humor of course). The purpose is to get people to look at your profile for longer than expected.


Use the Space

Since Instagram allows you to space your text in your bio out vertically you should take advantage of this and make your text easier to read. It also allows you to get more focus on your bio since it takes up a larger area of your profile if you space it out. This will make people more willing to read what you have to say which increases the odds of you gaining a new follower.


The Guaranteed Way!

The ultimate and by far the best way of getting a ton of new followers is to buy more followers. This is the only real guaranteed method of increasing your number of followers, and it doesn’t have to cost you much. There is a number of different sites who will offer you this but only a few that you can trust.

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Another great way of showing your photos to other users is to geotag. As you post a geotagged photo, Instagram will show other photos from the same location as yours. This could result in other users finding your photo and if you are lucky, maybe even follow you.

Top 5 Tricks

      5.   Learn from the Best!

Watch and learn! Check out the ”explore” tab to see what the most popular users are posting. Use these pictures as inspiration for your on uploads. As long as you are posting photos that other users find valuable and inspiring they will more than gladly follow you, and perhaps even encourage others to do the same!

      4.  Be selective

We will continue from tip #5 and point out the importance of providing content that is valuable to other users. Most of the Instagram users want to see cool and inspiring photos from your life and not get bombarded with pictures of what type of cereals you had for breakfast. Before you upload, ask yourself if you really think this picture is good enough. And be sure to not upload all your photos at once or people might miss them.

  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags is a great way to get people to notice your photos. If you want serious followers you are going to want to use describing hashtags that help people find photos of a certain subject. But if you’re just looking for a ton of likes on your picture you will be better off using random popular hashtags to attract as many people as possible.

  1. Share your photos

Sharing your photos on other social networking sites is one of the best ways of getting more followers on Instagram. Share your amazing photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flikr or Tumblr and you will surely get some new followers.

  1. Follow other users!

Following other users is probably the best, free way of increasing your base of followers. By following other interesting people you will get their attention and if they like what they see, most of them will follow you back. Don’t overdo it though since it might be obvious you’re only out hunting more followers.


Instagram was launched in october 2010 and is a free mobile application for sharing your photos on a social network. The app is available on both app store and Android market. Instagram also allows the users to share their photos on other social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flikr and Tumblr.